Samuel started of his music careear with his first single “Great God” in 2013. The song waas birthed from a personal experience filled with an expression of gratitude to God for given hope, joy and strenght in time of need.

Samuel in his musical journey has worked with ace producers like Jerrywine and OD Jay beats. He’s also worked as a musical director and sound engineer for Word of Restoration ministries and CGMI lifecentre

Samuels has been greatly inspired and influenced by artists like Nosa, Travis Greene, Mali music, Jonathan Mc reynolds and Frank Edwards

Working over the years as an artist, Music producer, and worship leader, Samuel has created his own style and unique sound. He describes himself as a Soulful Afrogospel artist but not limited to one particular genre of music. he is the winner of Season 1 of The Ignite Music Competition 2021.